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Lessons learned in pursuit of well-being - Implications for high performance building design

AIA Wisconsin - 2018 Conference on Architecture

LEED and energy conservation have long been synonymous with sustainability for many in the building design community. Both have served as potent levers to reshape the design and construction industry. Now, with a more mature understanding of these items, we are finding bandwidth and desire to continue evolving the sustainable design discussion. Water, human comfort, well-being, biophilia, user experience, resilience and other elements are increasingly finding their way into the conversation, decision-making, and buildings we inhabit.

This presentation will explore the interrelated dynamics and newfound challenges facing today’s high-performance buildings – through lessons learned from a mix of case studies, commercially-available tools, and industry thinking.

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03/09/18 @ 12am


Madison, WI


AIA Wisconsin



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Biophilia is achieved through the creation of meaningful, direct connections with natural elements, particularly through diversity, movement and multi-sensory interactions.

Most extensively metered lab building in the country, to study savings and influence usage patterns.